Great Expectations

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Original title: Great Expectations - 1946 | 118 min
Genre: Drama
Director: David Lean
Cast: John Mills, Valerie Hobson, Tony Wager

This film adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel won 2 Academy Awards.  It tells the tale of orphan Pip and his involvement with the reclusive Miss Havisham and her teenage companion Estella. Pip is sent to the rundown mansion as a playmate for Estella but Miss Havishams intensions are far from kind. The playdates come to an end when Pip begins his apprenticeship and Estella is sent to finishing school in France. One day Pip is informed that a mysterious benefactor has instructed that young Pip is to be sent to London and is to become a young gentleman of great expectations Eventually the identity of his benefactor is revealed to Pip and he is shocked when the revelation is made as its not the person he had assumed it to be.

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